As part of our goal to enhance aviation safety, we are implementing a suite of new-generation Regulatory Tools.

Covering a wide range of regulatory areas, the tools aim to help CAAN implement and manage Aviation safety.

The fundamental objective of Biratnagar Airport is to ensure the safe provision of air transportation within its jurisdiction. Therefore a systematic approach in managing safety, including necessary organizational structures with accountabilities, policies and procedures has to be developed and implemented.



The Safety management system aims to continually improve the safety of the aerodrome operations by identifying, eliminating or mitigating any deficiencies in conditions, policies and procedures, and by ensuring that staff consider at all times the safety implications of their own actions, and those of their colleagues.

Human Factors involves the study of the human's capabilities, limitations, and behaviors and the integration of that knowledge into the design of systems to enhance the safety, performance and the general well being of the operators of the systems.

Biratnagar Airport will take consideration in every aspect of Operational Activities.


2. Just Culture

A standardized reporting system of safety occurrences and hazards is implemented as part of the SMS. All reports are submitted to the Aerodrome Safety Officer/staff of Safety Services Office of Biratnagar Airport.

The primary responsibility for reporting safety occurrences lies with the individual staff members who are involved in or observe the occurrence. The effectiveness of a reporting system will therefore be dependent on the existence of an organizational culture, which encourages the submission of report.